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We like to think of ourselves as a progressive dealership group. When results aren’t as good as they should be, we act. When everything is going well, we ask, “what can we do better?”. Always focused on creating the ideal customer experience, pushing the operation to better performance and working smart to lead the way forward.

That's how we build our solutions. That's how we run our business. That's how we make a difference. And that's what it will be like to work with us. Hope you'll join us.

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Your Dealership Website Solution that’s easy to use, totally customizable and converts leads.

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We Make It Easy to Take the Lead

The last time we checked, it’s your character, your history, your experience, your expertise, that makes the difference between your dealership and the ones down the road.
Glovebox CMS gives you easy-to-use controls that make your website your custom, virtual representative for your dealership. And like a great representative should, Glovebox knows how to deliver leads.
With simple-to-use tools and lots of choice, your team will love using the CMS as much as your prospects and customers will love experiencing your website.

Easy Leads

Customize lead forms where and when you want them. Send leads to the right people at your dealership, or straight into your CRM. Or both. When consumers are ready to buy, you can be in touch right away.

Easy Inventory Management

Inventory feeds are seamless. Upload any vehicle you want to move off your lot. Merchandising is easy, of course. Glovebox can even add default descriptions until your team has time to edit them.

Easy Designs and Customization

You have a large and always growing selection of designs to choose from. Simple tools to immediately customize a little, or completely, to best represent your dealership. You can even start from scratch.

Easy Showroom and VDP

Pick from multiple versions. Customize to your preferences. All designs have financial terms and lead forms already built in. Just pick and click the “go” button.

Easy Fix Merchandising Problems

The Problem Vehicle Report can inform your team when to address vehicles on your website that need attention. Set your own criteria including, how many days the car has been on your site, whether it has enough photos, or if it even has a merchandising description.

Easy Incentives

Sit back and watch your manufacturer incentives and promoted finance rates update automatically at the beginning of the month. Add your own custom incentives to drive more traffic and increase sales.

Easy Build & Price

Keep prospects and customers where they belong…on your website. Give them the tools they need to feel confident you’re the right dealership for them.

Easy Promotions

Build an eye-popping promo. Put in the expiry date of the offer. Watch it change when the deal is done.

Easy Blogs

Drive more search related traffic simply by adding a blog, or multiple blogs, to your website.

It's Really That Easy

Glovebox CMS makes it easy for your team with built in SEO Schema markup for SEO, drag-and-drop editing, block management and a growing library of OEM compliant designs. Add forms, vehicle status, feature blocks, pages, special deals, announcements, all with a few simple clicks.

Glovebox Extras

Glovebox CMS is available in English, French and Spanish coming soon; both front and back end so even your team can work in the language of their preference.

Glovebox Used Cars

We also have Glovebox Used Cars with package options suited for the volume and needs of each dealer.

Easy To Do It Yourself, or We’ll Do It For You

Glovebox CMS is a completely self-managed platform, or if you prefer, we can be your marketing team and do the work for you. Either way, we stay on top of your strategies and updates to make sure you’re generating results for your dealership.

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Start doing retention marketing the right way, and do it right away. It’s that easy with Bumper.

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Real Dealership Results Using Bumper

Retention, The Right Way

Dealerships get far more sales and service revenue when they stop blasting all of their customers with the same messages and start talking to smaller groups about what’s important to them.
With a few clicks in Bumper, you can smartly segment your database using every key data field available in your DMS to select the right customers to target with the right message at the right time in their ownership cycle.

Communication, The Right Way

Customers, like any of us, respond to thoughtful communications delivered through a variety of channels. Especially in today’s multi-channel, multi-device world.
Bumper creates sincere engagement using ready-to-go, quick-to-edit campaigns for email, direct mail and a PURL, which is a special web page personalized for that individual customer. With very little effort, each channel is used a little differently to draw customers into a deeper interaction, just like your best sales representative would do when approaching a customer or prospect. That’s how Bumper engagements result in higher quality leads and greater conversions to sale.

Follow-up, The Right Way

Customers who are not ready to engage with you about sales or service, are not the people your team wants to waste time trying to contact. To get the most out of your team, and your marketing investments, Bumper uses advanced tracking and lead profiling with every interaction updated to each customer’s record. Bumper serves up ranked leads based on their engagement patterns with emails and, most importantly, with their PURL. When customers click for more information about your offer, watch your videos, print coupons, download brochures, request an appointment, or just keep coming back for another look, we know they are interested and you know it’s time to reach out to bring them into your dealership. Best of all, it happens in real time, so in minutes you can connect directly with customers who are ready to connect with you.

Do It Right Yourself, or With Our Help

Bumper is a completely self-managed platform, or if you prefer, we can be your marketing team and do the work for you. Either way, we stay on top of your strategies and campaigns to make sure you’re generating the right results for your dealership.


Make it easy for your sales reps and managers to most efficiently and effectively do their jobs.

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Exclusive Offers

Terms & Conditions


Two FREE email campaigns delivered through Bumper direct marketing platform, with a special surprise bonus to be revealed at your demo.
Includes personalized email and PURL (personal webpage for each customer) where customers interact with videos, download offers and book appointments. Dealer group offers also available.

Total value of FREE OFFER including surprise demo bonus: $2,250

Each email campaign includes up to 500 customer records. Total 1,000 records will be emailed at no charge and no set-up fee. Value: $1,800. Additional bonus will be revealed during your demo. Value: $450. Total value of combined FREE OFFER: $2,250. Offer valid for 30 days following demo at booth.


50% OFF set-up fee for Glovebox CMS plus 2 FREE custom promotional design packages including digital advertising assets.
Includes onboarding, training and set-up of website, plus creative design and final artwork for posting on website and digital advertising platforms. Dealer group offers also available.

Total value of OFFER: $2,250

Offer includes full set-up of Glovebox CMS website. Promotional design package includes strategic discussion, planning of promotions and key messages, and delivery of two different promo packages with standard sized assets for use in digital marketing. Value: $2,250. Offer valid for 30 days following demo at booth.

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